Temporary Resident Visas

What is a temporary resident visa?


A temporary resident visa, or TRV, is a document issued to individuals who are being granted temporary legal status in Canada. This includes the following

  • Tourists and visitors
  • Foreign workers – the TRV will be accompanied by a work permit
  • International students – the TRV will be accompanied by a study permit

Although the TRV is issued to demonstrate that the holder is deemed admissible to Canada, the immigration officer at the port of entry can still deny entry if there is evidence that the individual intends to work or study without the appropriate permit, or that they intend to stay in Canada beyond the expiry date on their TRV.

Not all countries require a TRV. Citizens of visa-exempt countries, and Green Card holders of any nationality in the United States, can instead apply for an electronic Travel Authorization, or eTA, which simplifies the process of traveling into Canada. Note that you will never need both an eTA and a TRV to enter Canada – most individuals need one or the other. The exception is citizens of the United States, who are not required to obtain either document.

Am I eligible for a TRV?

If you meet the following eligibility criteria, you may be eligible to apply for a TRV:

  • You do not have any medical issues or history of criminality that would exclude you from entering Canada
  • You are able to support yourself during your stay in Canada, or you are staying with a friend or family member who has provided written commitment to support you
  • You can demonstrate that you intend to leave Canada when your TRV expires

How long is a TRV valid for?

Generally, visitors to Canada are issued a TRV that is valid for six months. The validity of work permits and study permits are determined for each individual case, and they can usually be renewed easily from within Canada.

In some cases, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident may invite their parents or grandparents to stay with them for an extended length of time. These visitors may qualify for a “super visa” that can be renewed every two years, up to a maximum period of ten years.

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