Canada Skilled Worker Immigration

Canada is a highly sought-after destination for individuals wanting to gain work experience outside of their own countries. In many cases, people who move to Canada on work permits decide to stay. All of Canada’s provinces and territories welcome skilled workers, as they are valuable contributors to the local and national economies. Much of Canada’s strength comes from its diversity, and so skilled workers from all over the world are encouraged to explore their possible paths to immigration.

These include the following:

  • Federal Skilled Worker: If you have skilled that are in demand in Canada, and you wish to settle in any province of territory other than Quebec, you may be eligible to apply for immigration through this program.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker: This is a program for individuals who have skills and experience that are targeted by the province of Quebec, and who intend to live and work there. Preference is given to those who can demonstrate language proficiency in French.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs: If you want to live in a specific Canadian province or territory, you may be able to apply to them for a Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will enable you to go through an immigration process that is quicker than that of most federal immigration programs. The nomination programs vary from one province to the next, but almost all provinces and territories have skilled worker programs.

To qualify for one of the skilled worker immigration programs, you may need either a job offer or relevant work experience or skills. In some cases, international graduates of Canadian colleges and universities can get a provincial nomination certificate without a job offer or work experience.

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