British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

Why should I consider moving to British Columbia?

With everything from stunning coastlines to majestic mountains, British Columbia is internationally known for its scenic beauty. It has a strong economy that centres around forestry, mining and tourism, and a coastal climate that, for the most part, enables its residents to avoid some of the harsher weather extremes found elsewhere in Canada. Whether you prefer a quiet, out-of-the-way home surrounded by nature, or the vibe of a bigger city, you are sure to find a home you love in Canada’s westernmost province.


What is BC PNP?

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, or BC PNP, provides a fast-track path to immigration for individuals who have skills and experience that can benefit the province. The two main programs under BC PNP are Skills Immigration, which includes Express Entry British Columbia, and Entrepreneur Immigration.

Skills Immigration

The skills immigration program targets potential immigrants whose scores on the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) indicate that they have a strong likelihood of succeeding in the British Columbia labour market and contributing to the economy. Points are awarded based on factors that include education, work experience and the presence of a job offer from a British Columbia employer.

You can apply for immigration under BC PNP if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Skilled worker: you can demonstrate work experience in a skilled occupation, and you have received a valid job offer from an employer in British Columbia
  • Health care professional: you are an experienced doctor, nurse, psychiatric nurse or other health care professional who has received a job offer from a British Columbia health care provider
  • International graduate: you have been studying in Canada under a valid study permit, you have graduated from an eligible Canadian educational institution during the last three years, and you have received a job offer from an employer in British Columbia
  • International post-graduate: you can apply under this category if you have received a Masters or Doctoral degree in a natural, applied or health sciences program at an eligible British Columbia university, regardless of whether you have a job offer
  • Entry-level or semi-skilled worker: in some cases, entry-level and semi-skilled workers in tourism/hospitality, food processing or long-haul trucking, or entry-level and semi-skilled workers who live and work in the Northeast Development Region, can apply under this category

Express Entry British Columbia

Applications in the skilled worker, health care professional, international graduate or international post-graduate categories can, in some cases, be processed through the Express Entry British Columbia system, which allows priority processing of the application.

Entrepreneur Immigration

Individuals who can demonstrate their intention and ability to settle and invest in British Columbia can apply for permanent residence. The two categories of Entrepreneur Immigration are as follows:

    • Entrepreneur: you are a senior manager or business owner with the funds to set up or acquire a viable business in British Columbia
    • Strategic projects: international businesses that set up operations in British Columbia can nominate up to five managerial, professional or technical staff members for permanent residence

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