Working While Studying in Canada

International students who are in Canada on valid study permits are allowed to work for up to twenty hours per week during school terms or semesters, and full-time during scheduled breaks, such as the summer holidays. They are not required to apply for work permits, but it is their responsibility to ensure that they are adhering to the conditions listed on their study permit.

Specifically, international students who wish to work must remain in good academic standing in a study program that is longer than six months, at a designated post-secondary educational institution. If, at any point, they do not meet the eligibility criteria for their study permits, they are required to stop working. For example, a study permit can expire, or the student could no longer be studying full-time.

Students are not eligible to work while studying under the following circumstances:


  • They are taking an English as a Second Language (ESL) or French as a Second Language (FSL) program
  • They are taking a general interest course
  • They are visiting exchange students
  • Students who are required to complete a mandatory work placement or internship as part of their studies: these students must apply for a co-op work permit

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