Working in Quebec with a CSQ

What is a Quebec Selection Certificate?

A Quebec Selection Certificate, or certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) is a document showing that an individual has been declared by the Quebec provincial government to be eligible to live in the province of Quebec. In general, the CSQ is used as supporting documentation for a federal-level application. By itself, it does not allow entry into Canada, and it does not constitute a work or study permit.

What is the benefit of a CSQ?

In addition to supporting federal applications, the CSQ can streamline the process of renewing or extending the process of extending or renewing a work permit for individuals who live and work in Quebec. Most federal skilled worker programs require applicants and/or their employers or potential employers to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for the job position. The LMIA is designed to determine that the position requires skills that are not easy to obtain locally.

A valid CSQ allows you to extend your work authorization with your current employer, or to renew it with a different employer, without needing to obtain the LMIA, regardless of your occupation skill level.

Individuals with a valid CSQ can apply to renew or extend their work permits in the following categories:

  • Application to extend work permit for the current Quebec-based employer
  • Application to renew work permit for a different Quebec-based employer
  • International graduate of a Quebec educational institution, who has received a valid job offer in Quebec
  • Individual who holds a work permit under International Experience Canada (IEC) in the Working Holiday, 18-Month Young Professionals Co-op or International Co-op programs.

Individuals wishing to extend or renew their work permits using a CSQ must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant must live and work in Quebec
  • The work permit cannot exceed two years – this provides enough time to apply for permanent residence before the work permit expires
  • The applicant must submit a copy of the CSQ and the job offer
  • The CSQ must indicate one of the following codes in Section 9: Catégorie: “IQ – Travailleurs qualifiés”, “IP – Travailleurs”, “IT – Travailleurs qualifiés”, “IZ – PEQ Travailleurs”, “IY – PEQ Étudiants”, or “I6 Travailleurs Art.40”
  • The work permit must be specific to an employer – applicants may not work for an employer not named on the work permit

What if my spouse or partner is with me?

If you are accompanied by your spouse or common-law/conjugal partner, he or she is allowed to apply for an open work permit that will allow him or her to work for any employer in Quebec.

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