Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Why should I consider moving to Manitoba?

Manitoba is fairly centrally located in Canada. Its position between Ontario and Saskatchewan gives it the reputation for being a link between eastern and western Canada. Consisting mostly of farmlands and natural wilderness, Manitoba has a small population that is mostly concentrated around its capital city, Winnipeg.

The small population drives a large percentage of Canada’s wealth by contributing to an economy based mainly on farming and natural resources. People who live and work in the province benefit from its relatively stable economy, its tight-knit communities, and its expanses of natural beauty.

What is MPNP?

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, or MPNP, is a means whereby individuals who wish to settle in Manitoba, and who are in possession of the skills and experience needed by the province, can immigrate to Canada. By receiving a Manitoba Provincial Nomination Certificate, applicants can go through an immigration process that is generally faster than most federal immigration programs.

MPNP is divided into four broad categories, as follows:

  • Skilled worker immigration stream
  • Manitoba business investor stream
  • Morden community-driven immigration initiative
  • International education stream

Skilled worker immigration stream

Applying through this program begins with an Expression of Interest, where candidates complete an online form in which they answer a series of questions. No documents are submitted at this time. Candidates who score above a certain threshold are invited to formally submit an immigration application through MPNP.

The skilled worker immigration stream incorporates two subcategories:

Skilled worker overseas: Individuals who are located outside of Canada at the time of application can apply through this program if they can demonstrate that they have a strong support system in Manitoba in the form of family or close friends, or prior work or study experience in Manitoba, or who have been invited by the province to apply. Applicants are required to score at least 60 points on a scale that ranks according to age, language ability, work experience, education and adaptability.

Skilled worker in Manitoba: This is a stream for people who are located in Manitoba at the time of application. If you have been living and working in Manitoba under a valid work permit, you can apply as long as you have received a job offer from your employer for permanent, full-time work. You are not required to meet a points requirement.

Manitoba business investor stream

Like the skilled worker stream, applicants under this program are required to submit an Expression of Interest profile. Those who score the most number of points will be invited to apply. The Manitoba business investor stream is for entrepreneurs or investors with the skills, experience and financial means to settle in Manitoba and contribute to its economy, and those with the means and ability to set up and operate a profitable farm in the province.

Morden community-driven immigration initiative

Morden is a rural town located 112 kilometres from Winnipeg. It is actively seeking to bolster its local economy and community by attracting immigrants with certain skills and experience.

International education stream

This a new stream that will come into effect late in 2018. Through this program, international graduates of STEM programs in provincially recognized educational institutions in Manitoba will have the opportunity to apply for immigration

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