Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

Many families are split up. Perhaps their family members are living elsewhere abroad, and they wish to have them live with them in Canada. Family sponsorship in Canada may be something they are looking for.

Whatever the reason, the Canadian government does have a variety of Family Class Sponsorship ways that this dream can become a reality. This is done under the Family Class Sponsorship programs.

These CIC sponsorship in Canada programs are generous and help to reunify the families that require it. The Canadian government is committed to keeping any and all families together whenever possible and whenever they are able to do so.

CIC sponsorship in Canada covers a handful of relationships such as spouses and those in a common-law marriage, grandparents and parents, and dependent children of the resident. Parents and grandparents of children in Canada also have the ability to apply for Canada’s Super Visa program.

Know which CIC Family Sponsorship program is right for you and your unique situation by considering the following points:

Spouses and Common-Law Marriage Partners

The CIC sponsorship options available for those that want to bring spouses and common law marriage partners to Canada should be considered in depth. There are two different types of federal spousal family class sponsorship programs available: outland and inland.

There are pros and cons to each of the options available, which is why it is important to consider them before choosing which works the best for you and your spouse. These partners must also meet the eligibility requirements that go along with Canada’s family sponsorship program of choice. There may also be the option of using the Provincial Family Class Sponsorship options.

Dependent Children

If you have children that you want to bring with you to Canada that are currently abroad, you would most likely use the dependent child sponsorship program to do this. Both the child and parent must meet the sponsorship and eligibility requirements.

 Parents or Grandparents

Unfortunately, there is a yearly cap on the number of applicants that can be accepted for the parents and grandparent’s sponsorship program, so doing this as soon as possible is recommended.

If the cap has already been reached, using the Super Visa Program may be another option to go with. These visas are extended visas that allow the grandparents or parents to stay in Canada for up to 10 years. This CIC sponsorship and visa also come with eligibility requirements that have to be met.

Other Types of Relatives or Friends

There are occasionally times when Canada does offer programs for those that have relatives outside of Canada that they want to bring in and make residents of the country. When this is the case, you can look into those specific programs to find out what is required in order to fulfill the requirements.

Requirements of the Canadian Citizen as a Sponsor

In order to request to have family class sponsorship with any of the programs, the sponsor has to meet a series of requirements for family sponsorship in Canada.

  • The sponsor must show that they have the financial ability to provide the immigrant and dependents with the essentials needs of everyday living that they will need.
  • The person must also agree to take care of the person for a specified amount of time depending on their age.
  • The sponsor must also be a physical resident of Canada for family sponsorship in Canada.
  • They must be at least 18 years of age, no in prison or bankrupt and not under any removal orders or charged with serious offenses, as these are grounds for dismissal and an unapproved sponsorship application.

Those that are requiring family class sponsorship must make sure that they meet all of the requirements outlined in the application. Failure to meet them can disqualify them from obtaining the CIC family sponsorship in Canada.

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